How to deal with the vacuum pump vacuum pump failure


The vacuum pump is an important part of the vacuum coating machine. If the vacuum pump is faulty, it will affect the normal operation of the coating machine. If there is any problem, how to deal with the vacuum coating machine vacuum pump failure?
1. Smoke and fuel injection of rotary vane vacuum pump: refers to the smoke and fuel injection at the exhaust port of the rotary vane vacuum pump during operation. If the pump has just started running, that is normal. If the pump smokes for a long time, the pump is abnormal.
Treatment method: The smoke indicates that there is a problem outside the air inlet of the pump, including pipes, valves and containers. After inspection and treatment, the smoke is over.
2. Fuel injection, indicating that there are a lot of leaks outside the air intake, and even the air intake is exposed to the atmosphere.
Treatment method: Seal the air inlet of the pump and make the pump run. If there is no fuel injection, there is a leak. If the exhaust valve plate is damaged, check the exhaust valve plate for damage, and replace the damaged exhaust valve plate.

How to reduce the vacuum of the vacuum pump?
1. The temperature of the extracted gas may be too high.
Treatment: reduce the extraction temperature, or add a corresponding heat exchanger.
2. Increase joint clearance. This is an exhaust body that contains dust for a long time, and the gap between the rotor and the stator will increase after wear.
Solution: Check whether the gap is too large and replace with new parts.
3. The oil path in the pump is blocked or blocked, and a certain amount of oil is not maintained in the pump cavity.
Solution: Check whether the oil circuit is smooth and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.
The above are several problems that often occur in the vacuum pump of the vacuum coating machine of Qingzhou Zhongtuo Coating Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. You need to master these solutions. If such problems occur later, you can also check and solve them in time. Our company has many years of production experience. Welcome new and old customers to visit the company and discuss cooperation. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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