Process Application of Aluminizing Machine


The aluminizing machine is a device for heating the material to be evaporated to make it adhere to the surface of the substrate, and condensing into a film after evaporation. The principle is to use heating and evaporation to uniformly atomize aluminum on the surface of the substrate to form an aluminum-plated film. It is mainly used in various food packaging, medical packaging, and tobacco packaging. The following describes its application in detail:
1. Cost: The cost of aluminum plating is lower than that of aluminum foil composite materials. Mainly rely on reducing the thickness of the metal layer, increasing the production line speed of the aluminum coating machine, improving the design and material management to reduce costs.

2. Environmental protection and sanitation: Although aluminum foil, gold and silver cardboard and pet composite cardboard have become packaging materials with good decoration and anti-counterfeiting performance, they are both non-environmental materials. Aluminum foil gold and silver paperboard is a composite product of aluminum foil and paper. The thickness of aluminum foil is 7um, which cannot be recycled as aluminum products, nor can it be recycled as paper, nor can it be completely burned, which is not conducive to environmental protection.
3. Anti-counterfeiting: Vacuum aluminized paper is easy for laser holographic processing. The vacuum aluminized paper processed by the aluminizing machine is called laser sprayed aluminum paper (laser paper for short). Laser sprayed aluminum paper is formed by embossing a holographic pattern or a text signal onto the surface of the paper.
4. Wide application: Aluminizing machine is mainly used for aluminized paper packaging for cigarettes, alcohol, food, medicine and daily necessities. After printing on aluminized cardboard with white cardboard as the base material, it can be applied to the outer packaging of rigid packaging cigarette and wine packaging boxes. Aluminized paper made from wood pulp base paper can be used for labeling glass bottles. However, aluminum plate paper used for food and drug packaging can solve the problem that powder medicines packaged in composite packaging films are not easy to pour out due to electrostatic attraction.