Take you to know the roll coating machine


The roll coating machine is used to deposit a variety of metals, alloys, compounds, ceramics and other materials on flexible substrates by magnetron sputtering (DC, IF, RF) methods.
Compared with the evaporation winding coating equipment, the magnetron winding coating machine has lower production efficiency and higher equipment cost, which is determined by the coating principle. However, magnetron sputtering has the advantages of low coating temperature, multiple target materials can be placed at any position, a wide range of coating materials, controllable film thickness, uniformity, and strong adhesion.

The magnetron coil coating machine can deposit a variety of dielectric thin films on flexible substrates, such as SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3, SnO2, ZnO, Ta2O5, etc. by magnetron sputtering; metal and alloy films such as Al, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ni, SUS, TiAl, etc .; The transparent conductive film can be plated with ceramic targets such as ITO, azo, etc .; Ar anti-reflection film, HR high reflection film, argon ion. High-permeability conductive film, low e low radiation and sunlight control film can be plated into multilayer optical film structure. Mainly used for films of front covers and glass doors and windows of automobiles, trains, ships, etc., films of architectural doors, windows and curtain walls, antistatic and electromagnetic films, decorative films and packaging films, solar heating films, electric heating films, antifreeze fog transparent films, flat panel displays The flat panel display uses a transparent electrode film, and an optical multilayer film is plated on the metal strip to make a thin-film solar cell. For example, the ITO transparent conductive film can be used as a cold light-emitting material, and the surface of the cotton cloth is coated with silicon dioxide to prevent electromagnetic radiation. Protective clothing, nickel-coated sponges can be used as nickel-metal hydride batteries after winding, and substrates coated with various materials can be used as e-books, flexible display devices, etc.
The technology of the coil coating machine is relatively late due to its wide coverage, but it is developing rapidly. It has great development potential in the future high-tech and energy-saving fields. Qingzhou Zhongtuo Coating Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in coating machines. It has many years of experience and an excellent after-sales service team. Welcome new and old customers to visit the company and discuss cooperation.