Do you know the structure and advantages of optical coating machines?


The purpose of the optical coating machine is to reduce reflection and improve the transmittance and image quality of the lens. Do you understand it Today I will introduce the structure and advantages of it:
First, the structure of the optical coating machine is composed of a vacuum tank, a vacuum pump system, an evaporation system, a winding system, a cooling system and an electrical system.
The vacuum tank is the main body of the entire vacuum coating equipment. Its structure is a cylindrical cylinder, the left end is closed with a round head, and the right end flange is connected with the large circular plate of the winding car to achieve sealing.
The outside is connected to the exhaust pipe. The internal space is used for electroplating products under vacuum. It is divided into two rooms, the upper room is the substrate winding room, and the lower room is the aluminum wire evaporation coating room.
A rectangular observation window in the middle and upper part of the front of the vacuum tank is used to observe the operation of the substrate and the coating quality; a rectangular observation window in the middle and lower part of the front is used to observe the wire feeding and heating status of the evaporation boat; Rectangular viewing window for observing the operation of the receiving and discharge shafts.
One for each circular window.

Second, the advantages of the optical coating machine The vacuum tank has a square suction port in the middle and lower part of the back of the vacuum tank, and a round suction port in the winding chamber. The bottom of the vacuum tank is equipped with a water tank for cooling the tank body, and the top is equipped with a vacuum measuring meter for measuring the pressure of the vacuum chamber.
1. It is a thin film preparation technology that deposits materials on plated parts by physical methods under vacuum conditions.
2. The pvd coating technology and physical vapor deposition coating technology of the optical vacuum coating machine are mainly divided into three categories: vacuum evaporation coating, vacuum sputtering coating and vacuum ion coating. According to the advantages of PVD optical vacuum coating machine and the working principle of optical vacuum coating machine, the corresponding coating equipment also includes vacuum evaporation coating machine, vacuum sputtering coating machine and vacuum ion coating machine. In the past ten years, vacuum ion plating technology has developed rapidly and has become one of the surface treatment methods. Pvd coating refers to vacuum ion coating; pvd coating machine refers to vacuum ion coating.
3. The PVD coating (ion coating) technology of the optical coating machine is based on the principle of using arc discharge technology with low voltage and large current under vacuum conditions, using gas discharge to evaporate the target, ionizing the evaporated substances and gases, and accelerating using the electric field. Evaporated substances and their reaction products are deposited on the workpiece.