Operation and application of suspension coating machine


Suspension coating machine is usually used to heat the target, so that the surface components evaporate in the form of atom clusters or ions. The thin film is deposited on the surface of the substrate and is formed through the thin film formation process (stratified island structure stray structure layered growth). For the sputter-type coating, it can be simply understood that the target is bombarded by electrons or high-energy lasers, and the surface components are sputtered out in the form of atom clusters or ions, deposited on the substrate surface, and formed into a thin film through a film formation process.

Application range of suspension coating machine:
1. Construction hardware: bathroom hardware (such as faucets), door locks, door handles, bathrooms, hardware hinges, furniture, etc.
2. Watchmaking industry: It can be used for the coating of watch cases and straps and crystal products.
3. Other hardware suitable for floating coating machine: leather hardware, stainless steel tableware, glasses frame, cutter, mold, etc.
4. Large-scale workpieces: automobile wheels, stainless steel plates, signs, sculptures, etc.
5. Applicable to stainless steel pipes and plates 6. Furniture, lamps and hotel appliances.
7. Suspension coating machine suitable for plating decorative films on hardware products such as locks, handles, bathroom hardware, golf heads, stainless steel tableware, utensils and other hardware products.
8. Watches, straps, glasses, jewelry and other accessories are plated with wear-resistant decorative (gold, silver) nano-film, nano-film and nano-laminated film.