Maintenance method of copper plating machine


The process of the copper plating machine generally uses the direct plating method, that is, a copper layer is directly plated on the surface of the substrate film. BOPET and BOPA film substrates can be evaporated directly without surface treatment before copper plating. Before evaporation, the surface of non-polar plastic films such as bopp, cpp, pe, etc. should be corona treated or coated with an adhesive layer to make the surface tension reach 38-42dyne / cm or have good adhesion. During evaporation, the roll film was placed in a vacuum chamber, and the vacuum chamber was closed to evacuate. When the degree of vacuum reaches 4 × 10-4mba and above, the evaporation boat is heated to 1300 ° C ~ 1400 ° C, and then the copper wire is continuously fed into the evaporation boat. Adjust the unwinding speed, rewinding speed, wire feeding speed and evaporation amount, turn on the cooling source, make the copper wire melt and evaporate on the evaporation boat, and form a bright copper layer on the surface of the moving film after cooling.

Maintenance method of copper plating machine:
1. Clean the workshop every 200 painting procedures.
Method: Repeatedly scrub the walls of the vacuum chamber with saturated NaOH solution. The purpose of scrubbing is to make the copper film react with sodium hydroxide, then the copper film comes off and releases hydrogen. Then clean the vacuum chamber with clean water, and clean the dirt in the fine suction valve with a cloth moistened with gasoline.
2. When the crude oil pump (sliding valve pump, rotary vane pump) works continuously for one month (half month in the rainy season), new oil needs to be replaced.
Method: Loosen the oil bolt, drain the old oil, and then start the pump for a few seconds to drain the old oil from the pump. Screw on the rewinding oil bolt and add new oil to the rated capacity (observe with oil sight glass). For continuous use for more than half a year, open the oil cover when changing the oil and wipe the dirt inside the box with a cloth.
3. The diffusion pump has been used continuously for more than 6 months. If the pump speed is slowed down or improperly operated, the pump is charged into the atmosphere, remove the connection water pipe, remove the electric furnace plate, unscrew the nozzle, and clean the pump cavity and pump box with gasoline Wash with washing powder and water, and then wash with water. After the water has evaporated, install the pump oil tank and add and install a new diffusion pump oil. Return to the fuselage, connect the water pipe, install the electric stove plate, and restart the machine. Pay attention to leak detection before restarting.
Method: Start the maintenance pump, close the gate, and observe whether the vacuum of the diffusion pump reaches 6x10pa after a few minutes, otherwise perform leak detection. Check whether the joint has a sealing rubber ring or whether the sealing ring is crushed. Eliminate the hidden danger of air leakage before heating, otherwise the diffusion pump oil will burn out the ring and cannot enter the working state.
The above is the maintenance method of copper plating machine. If you want to continue to understand this information, please pay attention to our website, we will continue to release relevant information.