Introduction of the process, application and purchase points of optical coating machine


When buying an optical coating machine, you must also understand the theoretical knowledge of optical coating, so that you can better grasp the principle of optical vacuum coating machine.
1. Coating process Optical film is realized in the coating chamber with high vacuum degree. Conventional coating processes require elevated substrate temperatures (usually about 300 ° C); better techniques such as ion-assisted deposition (IAD) can be performed at room temperature. The IAD process not only produces thin films with better physical properties than conventional coating processes, but also can be applied to substrates made of plastic.
The main vacuum system consists of two cryopumps. The control modules for electron beam evaporation, IAD deposition, light control, heater control, vacuum control and automatic process control are all on the front panel of the coating machine.
Optical coating machine is a commonly used type of coating machine. It refers to a type of coating that needs to be performed under vacuum. It contains many varieties in detail. The following editors will introduce its use.
Evaporation coating is usually heated to make the external components evaporate in the form of atomic groups or ions. And settle on the surface of the substrate, forming a thin film through the film-forming process.

Second, the scope of application of optical coating machine 1. Building hardware: bathroom hardware (such as faucets), door locks, door handles, bathrooms, hardware hinges, furniture, etc.
2. Watchmaking industry: can be used for watch 売. Coating of band, crystal products,
3. Other small hardware: leather hardware? Stainless steel tableware. Glasses frames, knives, tools, etc.
4. Large workpieces: car wheels, non-tempting steel plates, signboards, plastics, etc.
5.Stainless steel pipes and plates (various appearances)
6. Furniture, lamps, hotel appliances.
7. Hardware products such as locks, handles, sanitary hardware, ball heads, stainless steel tableware, and blood are plated with super-hard decoration film.
8.Watches, watch watches, glasses, jewelry and other decoration products are plated with ultra-wear-resistant decoration (gold and silver) nano- 瞋 and nano-films and nano-laminated films.
Third, the analysis of the purchase of optical coating machine points 1, the vacuum system consists of machinery, diffusion pumps, expansion pumps, oil pressure recording, roots pumps, turbo molecular Jing, etc. and a variety of pneumatic, manual, electric matching them Valves, pipes, etc.
2. Choose different specifications and types of coating equipment according to process requirements.
3. The furnace body can choose double-layer water-cooled structure made of stainless steel, carbon steel or their combination.
4. According to the characteristics of the equipment, you can choose manual, semi-eye movement, full-eye movement or a combination of control modes.
5. According to the structure of Qiqi roasting, put forward the temperature and material for roasting and the corresponding instruments to measure.
6, alarm system, audible and visual alarms for abnormal conditions such as vacuum chamber body, water shortage, pump breakage, air pressure, power supply over-voltage, over-current and other abnormal conditions.