Precautions for safe operation of copper plating machine


Copper plating machine mainly refers to the coating that needs to be performed under high vacuum, including vacuum evaporation coating machine, vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine, vacuum intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering coating machine, multifunctional intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering multiple arc composite ion coating machine , Vacuum optics (electron beam evaporation) coating machine and other vacuum coating equipment. So what should we pay attention to when using the coating machine?
Precautions for safe operation of copper plating machine:
1. The operator should be clean and tidy, and the cuffs should be fastened. The bottom of the jacket must not be opened, and slippers and high heels must not be worn;
2. Check whether the circuit control switch can be switched normally. The voltage indication is 380 ± 20V;
3. Check whether the screws are firmly connected, whether the connection between the electrical control cabinet and the host is loose, and whether the grounding is good; all electrical switches are in the zero or "off" position;

4. Check whether the stainless steel baffle bolts in the painting machine room are firm and whether the corners are bent or warped;
5. Check whether the water pressure and air pressure are normal, and whether the water, oil and gas are leaking;
6. When the equipment is out of power, the standby cooling water or standby power should be enabled in time;
7. When the diffusion pump is heating, avoid contact between the body and the diffusion pump heating furnace to avoid burns;
8. When the workpiece rotates, the operation is prohibited. Only when the workpiece stops rotating, can the upper and lower rollers be operated;
9. When the door needs to be opened after evaporation, the operator should hold the handle, slowly open the door, and insert the bolt into the fixing hole;
10. The operator needs to operate strictly in accordance with the equipment operating procedures and safety operating procedures. Pay attention to the safety of the equipment and the operation of the equipment. It is the inspection and use of safety devices.
The above are the precautions for the use of copper plating machine. I hope to help you. If you have related requirements, please call our website and we will be happy to help you.