What is the use of conductive cloth? What should I pay attention to in use?


Conductive cloth is a material based on fiber cloth (commonly used polyester fiber cloth). After pretreatment, the metal coating is electroplated to make it have metal characteristics. It can be divided into: nickel-plated, gold-plated, carbon-plated, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth, which is characterized by a flat pattern and grid on the outside.
First, the application can be used in electronic, electromagnetic and other high-radiation work shield work clothes, shielding room special shielding cloth; IT industry shielding parts special cloth, current touch screen gloves, radiation-proof curtains, etc .; conductive pads with high radiation conductivity and resistance Corrosive, wrapped in polyurethane foam with high elasticity, precision processed, with good electromagnetic shielding effect. Can be processed in a variety of shapes and sizes according to customer requirements, mainly used for electromagnetic interference in a variety of electronic products.

The conductive cloth material is based on polyester fiber. Nickel metal is deposited on the polyester fiber by chemical deposition or physical metal transfer, and then a highly conductive copper layer is plated on the nickel, and then the nickel metal is plated on the copper layer using an oxidizer. The copper-nickel composite has good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding effect, and the shielding range is 100k-3ghz.
2. Precautions for use and storage 1. When it needs to be used in the low magnetic state of the natural environment, the temperature of the tape needs to be restored to room temperature (about 20 degrees Celsius) for more than 3 hours.
2. Wrap in wrapping paper or film, and in a suitable carton.
3. It should be kept in a cool place to avoid high temperature and humidity. The warranty period is 6 months after production.
The conductive cloth is made of polyester fiber, nickel-plated first, then copper-plated, high conductivity, and then oxidized with nickel metal belt to prevent corrosion. The copper-nickel composite has excellent conductivity and good electromagnetic shielding effect, and the shielding range is 100k-3ghz.

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