Working principle of optical coating machine


According to the principle of optical interference, a layer of a quarter-wavelength material is coated on the surface of the lens to reduce the reflection of the colored light of that wavelength to a lower level. It can be seen that the multilayer film can greatly improve the transmittance of the lens. For example, the reflectivity of each surface of an uncoated lens is 5, after a single coating is reduced to 2, and the multi-layer coating can be reduced to 0.2, which greatly reduces the diffuse reflection between the lens and the lens, thereby improving the image. Contrast and sharpness.
At present, coating technology is widely used in glass and automobiles. Glasses are mainly corrective glasses such as myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. It uses a high-pressure electron gun to vaporize drugs such as zirconia and silica, and evenly distributes them on the lens surface. Car beauty is a favorite topic of many car owners. Painting beauty is a high level of paint protection measures, it can be free from oxidation and achieve a variety of effects, such as light, acid and alkali resistance. Since the film material itself is inorganic, there is no damage to the car paint.

Principle of the cooling system of the optical coating machine The metal cover of the vacuum coating equipment is fixed on the outer wall of the optical vacuum coating machine through the mounting hole, and then welded. The outer wall to be cooled forms a channel by strengthening the annular groove to ensure the cooling cycle, reduce the dead angle phenomenon, cool the coating machine faster, and lower the temperature of the oil pump. Improved cooling strength, simple structure, safety and stability.
The cooling shell of the optical coating machine includes a metal cover. The reason is that there are multiple reinforcing ring grooves arranged neatly and concave. The reinforced circular groove is a hemispherical or conical platform. The bottom of the reinforced circular groove is provided with a mounting hole for connecting the cooling wall of the existing optical vacuum coating machine; the metal cover is fixed to the existing optical vacuum coating machine through the mounting hole and welding On the outer wall to be cooled, a circulation channel is formed between the metal cover and the outer wall, and a reinforced circular groove is used for cooling. The cooling shell of the circulating cooling system of the optical vacuum coating machine according to claim 1, characterized in that the vertical and horizontal spacing between two adjacent reinforcing ring grooves on the metal cover is 100-300 mm The depth is 12 μ15 mm, and the thickness of the metal is 2-5 μ for the lid. The cooling shell of the circulating cooling system of the optical vacuum coating machine according to claim 1, wherein the large diameter of the reinforcing ring groove is 24-136 mm.
Optical coating machine mainly refers to coating under high vacuum conditions, which has been widely used. The films it produces are also used in a variety of optoelectronic systems, optical instruments, and digital cameras. Telescopes, as well as the automotive industry and other industries are also in use!