Development status of vacuum coil coating machine in China


For many years, the vacuum roll coating machine relies on its technology and holds a special position in the vacuum application field. It is one of the few mechatronic devices capable of industrial production.

Because the vacuum winding coating technology involves vacuum acquisition, low temperature deep cooling, general cooling, high-precision transmission and control, high-speed continuous coating and other disciplines. In addition, the continuous working characteristics of the vacuum winding coating machine require high reliability and stability of the equipment, which makes it difficult to design and manufacture equipment using this technology, and the development of vacuum winding coating technology is becoming more and more mature. In addition to expanding the application fields of traditional winding coating products, the current technology is to continuously develop films and coating substrates with special functional characteristics, and develop composite films. For example, research on film formation technologies for composite films and substrates for flexible displays is very popular. This also raises new issues for the development of vacuum winding coating equipment.

In China, equipment using vacuum winding coating technology is mainly used in the decoration and packaging coating industry. In recent years, domestic vacuum roll coating machines have made great progress, and their good coating effects have also been recognized by the market. Vacuum winding coating equipment and capacitor coatings based on the principles of induction evaporation and magnetron sputtering have also been produced and used in small quantities. , But the indicators are not high.