How to design the vacuum chamber of the vacuum coating machine


How to design the vacuum chamber of the vacuum coating machine?

Everyone has doubts about the vacuum coating machine. Today I will discuss the design of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum coating equipment. If you are interested, you can take a look at the following with Qingzhou Zhongtuo Coating Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. .

The vacuum coating technology uses physical or chemical methods to obtain the required film body on the surface of the vacuum. The vacuum coating technology is divided into evaporation plating, sputtering plating, ion plating, beam deposition and molecular beam according to the different branches of the method. Epitaxial, etc. The coating equipment analyzed this time is a magnetron sputtering coating.

The vacuum chamber is a main component of vacuum equipment. The main considerations for the design of the vacuum chamber of the vacuum coating equipment are hermeticity and reliability. The structure must be reasonable. The material production of the vacuum equipment is performed in the vacuum chamber. The effect of the material on the degree of vacuum To be small, the design should not be sloppy, pay attention to some issues.

Vacuum coating machine using magnetron sputtering-generally adopts a round and simple structure. The structure must be fast evacuated. Because the bag will be slowly deflated, it is necessary to avoid isolation holes. The upper end of the vacuum system will be equipped with magnetron sputtering. For the shooting gun, in order to make the vacuum chamber and components have sufficient strength, to ensure that the shape does not change under external and internal forces, the thickness must be sufficient.

Welding is a key process in the manufacture of vacuum chambers, to ensure that the vacuum chamber after welding does not produce air leakage. The welding structure must be properly designed to improve the welding quality. The roughness of the inner wall under high vacuum must be polished to make the outdoor indoor surface very smooth. Special attention must be paid to prevent rust.

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